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No. In the state of Florida, you have Direct Access to physical therapy for 30 days. This means you can receive PT services for 30 days before you need a referral/prescription from a physician. If you still need PT services after 30 days, MVPT will contact your physician and ask them to approve and sign the original physical therapy plan of care that was created for you during your initial evaluation. There should be no need for you to visit your physician prior to starting PT services at MVPT.

No! It is always your right to choose your physical therapist. You do not have to go to the PT that your physician instructed you to see. Take some time and research physical therapists in your area, then choose the therapist that you feel is right for you and your needs. To find out if MVPT can meet your physical therapy needs, give us a call at 813-344-2787.

At MVPT, you can receive treatment for orthopedic and/or neurologic impairments. Below are a list of specific diagnoses that we can treat. If you do not see your diagnosis listed, please contact MVPT and ask if we can help you.


    • Any joint pain


    • "Frozen" shoulder


    • Rotator cuff injury/repair


    • Elbow injury/repair


    • Wrist or hand injury/repair


    • Neck pain


    • Headaches


    • Low back pain


    • Sciatica


    • Pre and Post orthopedic surgeries


    • Sports Injuries


    • Knee ligament injury/repair


    • Total Hip or Total Knee Replacement


    • Ankle injuries (sprains, fractures)


    • Balance impairments


    • CVA/Stroke


    • Multiple Sclerosis


    • Guillian Barre Syndrome


    • General weakness


    • History of Falls/ Fall Prevention


    • Difficulty with walking


    • Injury prevention