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Secret Sauce

Growing up, my Dad was an Elementary school PE teacher.    One summer, he decided to develop a strength training program for me. It consisted of gymnastics related drills in the back yard using a mini-trampoline and a single bar he built in the backyard.   It also included a strength training program using a “Bo-flex” type workout bench.  This […]

Back to School

It’s that time of year again! Time for back to school! And that means it is time for all of the Back-To-School excitement.  With this, comes BIG schedule changes.   Your athlete has gone from a relaxed schedule of lazy mornings, long hours in the gym (the best part of the day), and hanging out with friends on the weekdays and […]

So You Say You’re a Desk Jockey

If you are like me (and most of the world), you may now find yourself spending a lot more time sitting in front of your computer or laptop at home. Many of us have (very quickly) been transitioned into desk jobs.  Congratulations, you can now affectionately call yourself a “Desk Jockey.” With this sudden shift in your work environment and […]

Let’s Get Physical!

So your world has been turned upside down and you’ve been driven to start an exercise program at home to help you stay active…this is fantastic!!  Exercise can help you stay active and healthy, reduce boredom, boost your immune system, and decrease stress! You may have chosen to participate in a guided exercise class online. You may have chosen to […]

It’s Tough To Be A Girl!

It’s Tough To Be A Girl! Consider this… Your alarm goes off at 6:15 in the morning, it’s time to get ready for school.  But you’re just so dang tired, because you were up until midnight writing a 2-page essay, completing your part of your group homework assignment (and fixing everybody else’s work), and studying for your math test.   […]

Third Time Is A Charm

Imagine a 12 year old gymnast who has trained tirelessly for the next season, her Level 8 season. It has been a great off-season, learning and adding new skills for each event. During warm ups for uneven bars at the second meet of the year, she does not make her Giant all the way around. She turns off the high […]